Summer Students


A minimum of one months stay is required for all student rates. Chestnut Residence is open to students during the summer months. Accommodations include single and double rooms from May 10th through August 23rd 2015. For double rooms, both students must apply at the same time.

If you require accommodation a few days before or after the above summer sessional dates, please email details directly to to check availability.  



Sessional Discounted Rate

(May 10 - Aug 23 2015)


Regular Sessional Rate

(May 10 - Aug 23 2015)


Monthly Rate

(30 days; additional days are pro-rated)

            $ 4832.10*
            $ 5590.20
            $ 1649.10
Double (per person)
            $ 3598.35*
            $ 4077.15
            $ 1349.10

*Must be booked and paid in full by March 30, 2015. Meal programme will end on August 23, 2015 at Breakfast. 


Download Internal Summer Student Application


Download External Summer Student Application


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