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  • Chestnut Orientation Leaders
  • Residence Dons
  • Residence Life Office
  • International Transition Advisor
  • Career Educator
  • Engineering Student Success Coordinator
  • Residence Council
  • Residence Advisory Committee

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Co-Curricular Record
Chestnut Groups and Clubs
Work-Study Opportunities
Urban Crew
  • Front Desk
  • Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • ResNet Internet Information
  • Telephone

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  • Term & Occupation of Room
  • Resident Responsibilities
  • Termination
  • Room Access, Security, & Emergency Situations

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Security at Chestnut


    • Complaints
    • Harmful Behaviour
    • Violations
    • Sanctions
    • Procedures

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Do you have any tips for getting to know my new roommate?
What if I don't get along with my roommate?
    • All residents are required to purchase a meal plan, which includes unlimited access to the Dining Hall
    • Students can purchase Flex dollars to swipe their T-card and purchase food at other locations on campus
    • The Dining Handbook – contains information about the Dining Hall hours,  services, purchasing guest passes, dietary accomodations
    • Weekly menus can be viewed online (7 week rotation)
    • Meals-to-go may be purchase online (by 7am the day before)

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  • Urban (located on the first floor) – Watch tv, socialize, play foosball or pool. This space is used for social activities and events for students
  • The Hearth (located on the first floor) – A social studying space with couches and individual studying stations
  • The Lookout (located on the 27th floor) – Watch tv, study, grab a snack or take in the amazing views
  • Study Commons (located on the 28th floor) – Offering quiet 24 hour study space to students. This space is proctored by upper year students for six weeks prior to both the fall and winter exam periods
  • Community Centre  (located on the concourse level) – spaces for the Chestnut Residence Council, programming resource room, and 2 bookable group project rooms
  • Laundry Room (located on the concourse level) – Open 24/7 with pay-per-use washers and dryers. Machines are operated with a loadable laundry card
  • Gym (located on the concourse level) – Basic workout facility with cardio machines, free weights and universal machines
  • Dance Studio (located on the concourse level) – Moderately sized studio with hardwood floors, mirrors, and balance bars
  • Music Rooms (located on the concourse level) – 5 music rooms for student use, with 2 pianos and 1 drum set available

Main Floor

  1. Front Desk: Open – 7:00am – 11pm (weekdays), 7:00am – 12:00am (weekends).
  2. Dining Hall – all residents have Unlimited access to the Dining Hall by swiping your TCard at the main desk.
  3. The Hearth – Social studying space with couches and individual study stations located on the main floor.
  4. Residence Life Office – University staff can answer your questions about residence community life, admissions, events, involvement opportunities or any community living issues or concerns you may experience as a Chestnut student.
  5. Urban- Social space operated by the Urban Crew, open 24/7.
  6. Security- staff available 24/7.
  7. IT Help Desk- Ask any IT questions, or pick up your modem and internet cables.

Concourse Level

9. Dance Studio – Contact the Residence Life Office to book this space.

10. Fitness Room – Open 6:00am -12:00am daily.

11. Music Rooms – Open 7:00am – 12:00am daily.

12. Laundry Room – Coinmatic re-loadable cards, washers and dryers available. Open 24/7.

13. Mail Room – 1 mailbox per residence room, open 24/7.

14. Bike Rooms – See the Front Desk to have your key programmed for access. Open 24/7.

15. Community Centre – The Chestnut Residence Council office is located here, along with the Programming Resource Room, and bookable group work spaces.

    • Admissions
    • Chestnut Dining Hall
    • Fees
    • Guest Policy
    • Roommates
    • Services
    • Student Rooms
    • Student Spaces
    • Ways to get involved

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