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Residence Dons are upper year undergraduate or graduate students who live and work in residence to offer advice and support on academic, personal, or interpersonal concerns. Dons ensure that our community standards are respected, provide campus resources as required, and work within the community to organize social and education programming for students.

Don Applications for 2017-18 closed on January 27th, 2017


Asim Ashraf

If you are an international student – or new to Toronto – the transition advising program might be for you.  This program aims to assist you in making a smooth transition into the academic and cultural life of the University of Toronto. Asim Ashraf from the Centre for International Experience will be available to meet with you in the Chestnut Residence lobby area on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm throughout the academic year.  Please bring any issues you wish to discuss with you to the meeting.  This may include:

  • immigration questions;
  • cultural challenges, relieving homesickness;
  • adjusting to Canadian weather for the first time;
  • academic challenges and adjustments; and,
  • searching for study abroad, volunteer or exchange opportunities, etc.

The agenda of the appointment will be directed by your particular concerns. You can also contact him at to schedule an appointment.

Kelci Archibald

Kelci Archibald has been Chestnut’s Career Educator since September of 2014. Kelci has an Honours B.A. in Theatre from Dalhousie University, a B.Ed. from OISE and is currently pursuing her M.Ed. at OISE in Adult Education. Kelci has over a decade of experience working in education as teacher and facilitator and has specific training in narrative career interventions and Solutions Focused Brief Coaching. Talk to Kelci about:

  • Exploring career options
  • Planning a career (including further education)
  • Job search strategies and labour market research
  • Creating application materials such as résumés, cover letters, portfolios, personal statements, admissions letters, and CVs
  • Interview strategies and practice

Career Learning Seminars: These monthly sessions are delivered at Chestnut Residence and explore a variety of career topics. For more information, email
Career Advising Appointments: To book a one-on-one appointment with Kelci email or call 416-946-3084
Peer Career Advisors: During peak times of the academic year, Peer Career Advisors provide additional support to students in the residence lobby.

Carrie Proctor

Acting as a bridge between the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the residence community, Carrie provides on-the-ground support to students in crisis, connects students to resources on campus, and provides ongoing support and counselling to residents in Chestnut. Typical queries can include:

  • Academic policy questions (regarding probation, repeating a course, transferring programs, or petitions)
  • Personal challenges (including homesickness, financial concerns, or stress)
  • Mental health issues (including depression and anxiety)

In addition to counselling and referral services, Carrie provides community support and opportunities for engineering students, including academic sessions, extra-curricular opportunities, and employment. Some examples include:

  • PASS – a series of academic session for first year students, led by upper years peers
  • Dinner with Your Profs – a catered dinner for Faculty and students to meet and connect
  • Workshops and seminars throughout the year, targeting specific skills and study habits

Carrie can be contacted through the following means:

Phone: 416-585-3154

Extended Office Hours [Winter 2016]: Tuesday and Wednesday until 7:30pm, drop-in appointments available. Office located in the Residence Office, at rear of the first floor lobby.

The Chestnut Residence Council is the student governing body. The Council plans social, athletic and community affairs and organizes:

  • The annual Chestnut semi-formal
  • Coffee houses and open mike nights
  • Ski and snowboarding trips
  • Intramural sports tournaments and much more!

You can connect with them on Facebook at

The purpose of the Residence Affairs Committee (RAC) is to review issues that are brought to the committee. The Residence Affairs Committee may make recommendations and provide advice on:

  1. The Co-Curricular Record (CCR);
    B.      The Chestnut Tree and related food operations;
    C.      Use of the Residence’s physical facilities for student use;
    D.      Communications;
    E.       Policies relating to student issues;
    F.       Funding requests (where applicable); and
    G.     Any other matters directed to it by the Chestnut Board.

The Residence Affairs Committee consists of:

  • The Building Manager
  • The Dean of Residence
  • At least one other staff member of the Residence Office
  • The Chestnut Residence Council President or a designate
  • At least one other Chestnut staff member
  • Current residents of Chestnut Residence
  • Abhishek Rungta
  • Aleena Au
  • Allison Barker
  • 2 Residence Dons

For more information, contact