Diversity & Inclusion

Community Commitment

The Chestnut Residence community strives to be a safe, equitable, accessible, and positive space for all our community members including students, staff & guests. Diversity and respect of thought, belief, orientation and background is encouraged and expected.

Every community member is responsible for their behaviour and for their treatment of others in a manner that is free of discrimination, harassment and ignorance. Any behaviour that conflicts with this commitment to the community will be addressed through the Residence Code of Conduct. Should any needs arise in terms of accessibility, the Residence will provide arrangements as required.

Chestnut Residence also strives to provide educational programming that includes our commitment to community. Any community member who wishes to see particular programming or equity initiatives within residence, is encouraged to contact Residence Life for support.

Please see the following links for further information on equity at the University of Toronto:

Governing Council at University of TorontoUniversity of Toronto – EquitySexual & Gender Diversity Office
Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Excellence from the Governing Council at University of Toronto http://www.governingcouncil.utoronto.ca/policies/stateequdivexc.htm
To learn more about gender diversity programs and support services on campus, please visit the website of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office:  http://www.sgdo.utoronto.ca.

Contracts & Agreements

Community StandardsOccupancy AgreementFees BrochureNetwork Usage Agreement
These contract agreements contain provisions which create obligations for you and impose financial and other responsibilities should you fail to meet your commitment. Please review your respective agreement carefully.

Occupancy Agreement 2017-18

Occupancy Agreement 2017-18 (Residents Under 16 Years of Age)

Occupancy Agreement 2017 – Fall Only

Occupancy Agreement 2018 – Winter Only