Move-Out Tips

Know your check-out date Make a plan Tidy your Room and Remove all Garbage Store your belongings Let People Know You are Leaving Check-out at the Front Desk

  • Your check-out date will always be 48 hours following your last exam. The last day to move-out is noon on Saturday, April 29th.
  • If you have concerns about your check-out date, please visit the Residence Life Office or email
  • If you need to stay at Chestnut Residence beyond April 29th at noon, you must complete a summer residence application form any questions can be directed to
  • You must be checked out by noon, but you may stay with your belongings in Urban.


  • Start packing early, do a little bit every day to avoid stress.
  • Make sure you have transportation planned for when you leave Chestnut, as you will be taking all your belongings with you.
  • Transportation options include the Union-Pearson (UP) Express to the airport, TTC, taxis, or uber
  • You will not be able to re-enter your room after check-out.
    • Ensure your room is tidy and all garbage is removed.
    • Garbage bags are available for students to pick up at the Front Desk.
    • Once your garbage bags are full, leave the bags at the designated garbage area on their floor.
    • When possible, throw out your garbage early so that the garbage room doesn’t get crowded.
    • Don’t leave behind any food, garbage, or other items.
    • Sort all of your belongings into items you want to bring with you/store/give-away.
    • Chestnut residence does not provide summer storage.
    • Chestnut will not be responsible for any items left in the room.
    • Consider using Store-Your-Dorm (
    • Consider using Shuffle Space (
    • If you have items or clothing that you would like to give-away, the Residence Life Office will be arranging a donation market place (i.e. garage sale), with all proceeds going to charity. Donation boxes will be placed around Chestnut for collection. More details will be posted here shortly.
  • Say goodbye to your friends on the floor and in the building
  • Stop by your don’s room to say goodbye!
  • Make sure to exchange contact information with anyone you would like to keep in touch with over the summer and next year

                    Front Desk hours are 7:00am – 11:00pm

    • Please expect delays during peak move out times, and remember to return the following items:

      1. room key
      2. mailbox key make sure to empty your mailbox before returning the key. Change your mailing address with friends, family, U of T, and creditors.
      3. laundry card
      4. internet equipment (either switch kit or modem kit)

Please Note:

      • You will be charged $30 for each missing key, and $5-$150 for missing internet equipment
      • If you have not checked out of your room and removed your belongings by noon on April 29th, you will be charged a $25 per hour late move out fee
      • As of May 1st, 2017 all mail in mailboxes downstairs will be returned to sender. All mail to former students will be returned to sender during summer, so please be sure to update your mailing address on ACORN
      • If you have not moved out within 48 hours of your checkout date, you may be locked out of your room


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Residence Life Office located on the main floor of Chestnut Residence or email