Check-Out Tips

23 Hour Quiet Hours Know your check-out date Make a plan Tidy your Room and Remove all Garbage Check-out at the Front Desk and return Room Key

11:59pm on Sunday December 3rd 2017 – Thursday December 21st

No noise from your room when the door is closed

No noise in the hallways

EXCEPT during CONSIDERATION HOUR 5pm – 6pm daily

  1. Please be considerate of others who may have begun exams before you or who may be completing exams after you.
  2. Be conscious of the level of your voices and aware that noise travels down the hallways easily.
  3. Do not congregate in the hallways!
  4. Do not have loud, lengthy discussions in the hallways!
  5. If you are on the phone, please keep your door closed.
  6. If you have a group of friends in your room, please keep the door closed.
  7. ABSOLUTELY no running or boisterous activity in the hallways!!!
  8. When you complete your exams you are EXPECTED to adhere to the above rules.

There will be no Verbal Warnings given during the 23-HOUR QUIET HOURS!

  • Your check-out date will be 48 hours following your last exam. The last day to check-out is noon (12pm) on Thursday, December 21st.
  • If you have concerns about your check-out date, please visit the Residence Life Office or email
  • If you need to stay at Chestnut Residence beyond December 21st, you must complete a Winter Break application any questions can be directed to
  • You must be checked out by noon, but you may stay with your belongings in Urban.
  • Make sure you have transportation planned for when you leave Chestnut
  • Transportation options include the Union-Pearson (UP) Express to the airport, TTC, taxis, or uber
  • You will not be able to re-enter your room after check-out, unless you have paid the Winter Break fee.
    • Ensure your room is tidy and all garbage is removed.
    • Garbage bags are available for students to pick up at the Front Desk.
    • Once your garbage bags are full, leave the bags at the designated garbage area on their floor.
    • When possible, throw out your garbage early so that the garbage room doesn’t get crowded.
    • Don’t leave behind any food, garbage, or other items.

Front Desk hours are 7:00am – 11:00pm*

Remember to return the following items:

    1. room key

*If you are checking out after hours: Please visit the Security Desk to check-out.

Please Note:

      • You will be charged $30 if you do not check out and return your key by December 21st

Winter Break – Information

Dec. 21st (noon) – Jan.2nd

Building safety, security & supervision:

  • Security staff will conduct patrols of each floor, and monitor the front entrance
  • No guests are allowed during the break
  • You must show your ID and sign in/out each time you enter/exit the building
  • Dons will be on call 24hrs. a day, and reachable by Don on Duty phone 416-791-0420
  • The Chestnut Community Standards remains in the effect for the duration of the break

Reduced Service:

  • Front Desk – No mail delivery (will re-open Jan. 3rd at 8am)
  • Residence Life Office – Closed (will re-open Jan. TBD)
  • Dining Hall – Closed (will re-open for breakfast on Jan. 4th)
  • Cleaning Services – no vacuuming (bring your garbage to the 4th floor where it will be collected periodically over the break)

Maintenance notices: We will do our best to keep any disruptions to a minimum.

You may check-in to residence and pick up your new keycard for Winter term as of 8:00am on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Residence Life Office located on the main floor of Chestnut Residence or email