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Academic mentors are upper year student leaders that are dedicated to improving academic success at Chestnut. Responsibilities include hosting weekly study session/office hours, advising and referring students to resources on campus, designing and implementing academic-focused programs, and collaborating with partners on campus.

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Chestnut Residence is home to many student-led groups and clubs that organize activities and are fun for students to be a part of. In addition to clubs and groups, Chestnut has many intramural teams students can take part in.

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EPAs are enthusiastic peer leaders who represent the engineering community at Chestnut Residence. EPAs support students in the Engineering Science, Core 8, and TrackOne programs by providing referrals and support, partnering with offices on campus, and delivering programming that caters to the engineering experience. Their role is to help fellow students transition to university and engineering life.

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There are two roles which are the Floor President and Social Coordinator. All students living on the floor are eligible to run for positions and participate in events. Floor Councils run events on the floor and work alongside the Chestnut Residence Council and the Floor Don.

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The Chestnut Residence Council: The Chestnut Residence Council is a Student governing body that plans social, athletic and community events and organizes:

  • The annual Chestnut semi-formal
  • Coffee houses and open mike nights
  • ski and snowboarding trips
  • The purchase equipment including the PS4, music instruments, board games etc.
  • Intramural sports tournaments and much more!

Each floor has representatives on the council along with executive members.

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The Urban Crew is involved in the day-to-day operation of Urban Lounge, Chestnut Residence’s large, multi-use student space. Urban Crew members are responsible for a three-hour shift once a week where they help maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in Urban Lounge.  They also help students use the AV equipment to watch movies, TV, or play video games as well as sign-out equipment for playing pool, table tennis, Foosball, video games and board games.

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No positions currently available. 


Residence DonsResidence Life OfficeInternational Transition AdvisorCareer TeamEngineering Student Success CoordinatorResidence Affairs Committee
Residence Dons are upper year undergraduate or graduate students who live and work in residence to offer advice and support on academic, personal, or interpersonal concerns. Dons ensure that our community standards are respected, provide campus resources as required, and work within the community to organize social and education programming for students.


Andrea  – 4th Floor
Program: Mechanical Engineering, minor in Economics
I am passionate about robotics and food. I’ll be training for my first  triathlon starting in October!


José – 5th Floor (all male)
Program: Computer engineering
I am passionate about social work. I find Gordon Ramsay’s recipes videos artistic and fascinating.


Aaron – 6th Floor
Program: Rotman Commerce
I am passionate about the arts. I once at 62 raw oysters in one sitting and loved it.


Kory – 7th Floor (Intercultural Experience Community)
Program: Environmental Biology Major, Geoscience Minor, GIS Minor
Social innovations that deter consumerism and encourage genuine sharing has been my passion for the past few years. It’s anything from food co-ops to tool libraries, fixing beater bikes to couch surfing. It’s been rewarding sharing experiences and skills with people from different walks of life in a collective conscious effort to reduce our ecological footprint, all the while building community. I have a special appreciation for that moment just before a roller coaster drops you from its peak. Nestled between anticipation, and a rush of adrenaline you think: this is it… Then you’re back in the queue!

Anastasia – 8th Floor
Program: Neuroscience, Nutritional Science and Physiology
I am passionate about learning how the brain works and makes us who we are.I spent a good chunk of my summer mastering how to make 1 tbsp of baking soda and 50 mL of vinegar explode up 3-4 meters.


Kevin L. – 9th Floor
Program: M.A. Criminology and Sociolegal Studies
I am passionate about Naruto. I was the North American Acro-Roping champion when I was 12.


Dylan – 10th Floor (Woodsworth College)
Program: Rotman Commerce
I am passionate about the outdoors and making sure I kayak new lakes in Ontario. My extended family owns and operates a Cognac winery in France.


Fatema – 11th Floor (Engineering Community)
Program: Mechanical Engineering
I enjoy being out in the sun with an ice cream cone in hand – my favourite ice cream flavour is pistachio! I love seeing my ideas come to reality and oftentimes spend my free time sewing my next outfit. I have a passion for bringing people together through understanding, empathy, and storytelling and am always down for a conversation. My favourite season is spring and I love anything and everything floral. I’m looking forward to meeting all of Chestnut’s new residents and can’t wait to welcome you in September!

Ani – 12th Floor
Program: Economics Specialist and a Minor in Italian
I am passionate about dancing latin music, especially salsa. I love Siberian Huskies and I have one back home! His name is Cyan.


Alex – 14th Floor
Program: Computer Science Specialist
I am passionate about working with new technology. It’s the reason why I decided to pursue Computer Science as I really enjoy innovating to solve complex problems. I love to travel and my all time favourite place I’ve visited is San Diego, California.


David – 15th Floor (Life Sciences)
Program: Master of Science (MSc) in The Department of Molecular Genetics
I am passionate about learning and discussing about science and technology. It fascinates me how quickly technology develops and what the future holds. I have never been outside of North America. I would like to eventually change this and travel around the world.


Devika – 16th Floor (Engineering Community)
Program: Masters in Clinical Engineering
I am passionate about accessible healthcare and jalapeno-flavoured snacks. I used to speed skate.


Liz – 17th Floor
Program: Medicine Program at the Institute of Medical Science
I am a professional lifeguard/swim instructor and love to swim.


James – 18th Floor (Health & Wellness Community)
Program: Masters of Teaching at OISE (Health and Phys.Ed Focus)
I am passionate about the impact health can have on education, specifically in elementary schools. Creating a climate for students which promotes optimal physical and mental health is critical for their academic performance. I ran the Toronto Marathon when I was 19 without training for it…longest 4 hours of my life.


Sera – 19th Floor
Program: Psychology specialist and Political Science minor
I’m passionate about the outdoors and really enjoy doing outdoorsy stuff like canoeing and backcountry hiking :). Random fact about myself is that I am allergic to chlorine but am a lifeguard and swim instructor.


Mallika – 20th Floor (Arts & Culture Community)
Program: Evolutionary Biology and Human Biology
I am passionate about science and gardening! I currently have 15 indoor plants and am hoping my plant family will continue “growing”.


Jonas – 21st Floor
Program: Materials Science & Engineering
I am  from Ecuador, and I always have been very passionate about soccer, music, and helping people in many ways. Fun fact: When I am with my sister on public places, everyone thinks she is my daughter since there is a 17 years of difference between both of us!


Sahar – 22nd Floor (Humanities & Social Sciences)
Program: Political Science Specialist with a minor in Philosophy
I am very passionate about Political Philosophy and understanding the structure and the mindset in politics from a philosophical point of view, which is why I love talking and learning about it. A random fact about myself is that I have 13 cousins and I’m close to all of them.

Lisa L. – 23rd Floor (all female)
Program: Pharmacy
I am passionate about cooking. My feet are small enough that I can buy shoes from the children’s section!


Kevin V. – 24th Floor (Engineering Community)
Program: Chemical Engineering
I am passionate about exercise! I have travelled to 10 countries in Europe.


Ozora – 25th Floor




Lisa S. – 26th & 27th Floors (Quiet Community)
Program: Master of Science, Molecular Genetics
I am passionate about arts/crafts and science! The combination of working both in residence life at Chestnut and in research at SickKids helps me balance both passions! I love to think that I can use my passions in both jobs to help others! I adopted two cats from an extended family member. Their names are Itsy and Mao. My brother takes care of them at home when I live at Chestnut. I like to go home to visit them whenever I can! 😀

aly-adrl-closeAlykhan Hirji
Assistant Dean Residence Operations




David Kim
Dean of Residence



Kate Milligan
Residence Services Coordinator



Klara Kovarova
Assistant Dean Residence Life



Carrie Proctor
Student Life Programs Coordinator


Kohen McBride
Admissions & Communication Assistant




**Asim Ashraf is currently on leave from the university**

For assistance, visit the Centre for International Experience for contact details for a member of the Transition Advising team.

For more immediate support, please contact Marc Arnold at or call 416.459.1740.

Transition Advisors speak to students about:

  • General immigration information
  • How to access medical services and health insurance (i.e. UHIP)
  • Adjusting to all aspects of campus culture including academic, administrative and social
  • How to connect with others and find belonging on campus
  • Beginning and maintaining social relationships on and off campus
  • Adjusting to Canadian weather and Toronto culture
  • How to access campus resources to meet your specific transition needs
  • Applying for learning abroad opportunities

For more details, pleasee visit the Center for International Experience (CIE) - Transition Advisors.


Asim Ashraf, International Transition Advisor , to hold advising hours on-location to support the transition of students and promote global learning opportunities. If you are an international student or new-to-Toronto, a transition advisor is for available to you. Asim assists students in making an effective transition to academic and cultural life of the University of Toronto. Asim works alongside the Residence Life team at Chestnut to support your transition. Issues you wish to discuss may include:


  • Asking general immigration concerns;
  • Seeking healthcare access, insurance and well-being;
  • Adjusting to academic, social, or cultural challenges;
  • Finding connection and community on campus;
  • Searching for leadership and volunteer; and,
  • Learning about 150+ global learning opportunities

If you are a student – domestic or international – who is seeking out global learning opportunities, Asim can help start your planning for those goals too! We have over 150 partnerships across the world, so come meet Asim and learn which one will fit you.

Asim’s drop-in hours will be in the evenings on Thursdays (4-7pm) in the Chestnut Lobby or Residence Life office. You can drop-by, or book an appointment online via the Career Learning Network.

We are excited to introduce to you to your Chestnut Career Team!  Connect with the Chestnut Career Team to talk about:

  • Finding meaningful work
  • Exploring career options
  • Creating application materials
  • Interview strategies and practice
  • Networking tips and advice


Atifa F. Karim, Career Educator

Atifa is the designated Career Educator for Chestnut Residence.

Atifa knows that careers unfold in unique ways and her own career is an example of this. Atifa’s first job was as an Outdoor Educator, and she completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. But while at university, she discovered her passion for working with others to help them discover their own strengths, talents, and passions and how uses this to help others find their own pathway to meaningful work.

One-on-one appointments are available with Atifa throughout the year at the Student Success Centre (located at the Koffler Student Services Centre at 214 College Street – the same building as the U of T Bookstore), and can be booked by emailing Atifa directly at .


Your Peer Career Advisors – Carolina and Nolan – will be available to meet with you in the Chestnut Lobby from 5pm – 7pm on Monday, February 5th, 12th, 26th, March 5th, and 12th


Carolina Mena Paredes, Peer Career Advisor

Carolina is a fourth year Economics and International Relations student. She has diverse experience with job search practice and student life. She is also truly committed with the community at UofT and that has been reflected by how much she enjoys helping students through career transitions in her one-to-one appointments and workshops.

She is very excited to meet you, she will do her best to help you if you have any questions or just chat about your career options.


Nolan Blodgett, Peer Career Advisor

Nolan is a first year Masters of Social Work student at U of T, and studied psychology at Trent University, where is also worked in the career centre for 3 years.

He is excited to get to know everyone at Chestnut, and to help you explore how your interests, hobbies, and strengths can connect to your career.


Carrie Proctor

Acting as a bridge between the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the residence community, Carrie provides on-the-ground support to students with academic questions and needing personal support. Typical queries can include:

Academic policy questions (regarding probation, repeating a course, transferring programs, or petitions)
Personal challenges (including homesickness, financial concerns, or stress)
Mental health issues (including depression and anxiety)

In addition to these referral services, Carrie provides community support and opportunities for engineering students, including academic sessions, extra-curricular opportunities, and employment.

Some examples include:

  • PASS – a series of academic session for first year students, led by upper years peers
  • Dinner with Your Profs – a catered dinner for Faculty and students to meet and connect
  • Workshops and seminars throughout the year, targeting specific skills and study habits

Carrie can be contacted through the following means:

Phone: 416-585-3154

Extended Office Hours [Fall 2017]: Monday and Wednesday until 7:30pm, drop-in appointments available. Office located in the Residence Office, at rear of the first floor lobby.

The purpose of the Residence Affairs Committee (RAC) is to review issues that are brought to the committee. The Residence Affairs Committee may make recommendations and provide advice on:

  1. The Co-Curricular Record (CCR);
    B.      The Chestnut Tree and related food operations;
    C.      Use of the Residence’s physical facilities for student use;
    D.      Communications;
    E.       Policies relating to student issues;
    F.       Funding requests (where applicable); and
    G.     Any other matters directed to it by the Chestnut Board.

The Residence Affairs Committee consists of:

  • The Building Manager
  • The Dean of Residence
  • At least one other staff member of the Residence Office
  • The Chestnut Residence Council President or a designate
  • At least one other Chestnut staff member
  • Current residents of Chestnut Residence
  • 2 Residence Dons

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