Move in tips and tricks!

by Aditi Malhotra, Chestnut Summer Tour Guide

I know each and every one of you are excited to move in, so here are a few tips and tricks to help make the process simpler

For a basic list of what to bring and an idea of what your room would consist of, please look at . You’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of how some of the students have decorated their rooms as well!

 Try to stick to your move in time slot allotted to you. Everyone is going to try coming as early as possible, this will not help you move in faster! You will end up waiting longer for a cart and assistance since there will be many others who actually do have to move in at that given time slot.

You are sharing your space. Besides just sharing your room, you also share some closet space and other storage spaces so try to be accommodating.

Don’t bring your entire wardrobe! Storage in residence can be limited compared to what you’re used to at home. Also with Eaton Center being close you will find yourself buying a lot of clothes, you will also find yourself buying an excessive amount of U of T clothing within the first month of university (I used to own 5 U of T sweatshirts, FIVE!!!) To accommodate your new purchases, you will need closet space and this will not be possible if you bring your entire wardrobe with you.

Think about seasonal clothing while packing! September will probably be the last time you’ll probably wear shorts outdoors for the year. Fall will begin to set in around October and well after that WINTER IS COMING!


-Don’t buy a lot of unnecessary items. Look at what you’re provided with before bringing a lamp, extra storage boxes or even extension cables. Chestnut has enough outlets as well as a good amount of lighting in each room. I would strongly recommend buying room decor after you move in and have seen what your room is like so you would know how to decorate it and make it feel homelier. I bought a lamp in my first year because I didn’t anticipate the lighting in my room, I haven’t used said lamp in 2 years.

Don’t be afraid to make your room feel like your own. You will be here for 8 months, which is majority of the year. So, you need to feel comfortable. Decorate your room if you’d like but try not to go overboard. Remember to not use nails or thumb tacks but rather double-sided tape or other easily removable adhesives that would prevent damaging the walls.

Think about moving out while you’re packing to move in. Decorate your room but don’t go overboard. You will be moving out in 8 months, if you bring in too much you will have trouble repacking to move out or even storing your things. As an international student think about if your stuff is going to fit into boxes for safe keeping. The lamp I had bought in my first year couldn’t fit into the storage boxes. Even after being disassembled I found it hard to store anywhere. I can safely say that the lamp has officially been one of the worst purchase decisions I have ever made.

Wear something comfortable on move in day and keep yourself hydrated. You’ll have numerous trips to make with all your stuff, and you will need to do a lot of lifting!